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Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Style Uncle

The men of a certain age that dress much better than you do - watch and learn (Continued)

Steve Carell
If Carell’s style journey from The 40-Year-Old Virgin to bona fide silver fox seems like the plot of a Hollywood comedy, it’s because it is one. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, Carell goes from schlubby suburban dad to haute couture hunk with the help of Ryan Gosling and some properly-tailored jackets. In real life? Well, you can probably guess.

Steve Carell was born to be the age that he is right now; he’s become more elegant, and he clearly spends more money on his clothes. And it seems Gosling’s admonishment that he wears the wrong-sized jacket hit a nerve. Nowadays his suits are tailored, whereas 15 years ago they were a bit more off-the-rack. And while he’s not as playful as Jeff or Stanley Tucci, he can throw in a tie that you wouldn’t expect with certain outfits.

The grooming is really helping the Carell cause at the moment, as well. The salt and pepper facial hair is a Clooney trademark, while he also seems to have copied Gosling’s hairstyle. Accompanied by tailored casuals like polo shirts and bomber jackets in staple navy, it’s a look that works as well for the red carpet as The Office.

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