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How to Dress Well: A Few Rules All Men Should Learn (Continued)

A style blueprint for a better more handsome you
4. Look After Your Appearance
If you’ve invested money and thought into your clothing, look after it. Hang up or fold your clothes and get yourself a set of shoe trees to keep your dress shoes looking their best. Keep your suits and sport jackets dry-cleaned and pressed, but don't over dry clean (if a spot clean will do) because the chemicals can be hard on the fabric. When you wash your clothes, don’t tumble-dry them (it can also degrade the fabric). And polish your shoes too; clean and shiny shoes have a big impact on overall appearance!
If you don't already, consider moisturizing your skin too. Establishing a good grooming regime including brushing or combing your hair goes a long way to helping you look your best. Get a hair cut at least every four weeks (every two weeks is better). And cut your nails. After all, the devil's in the details.
...more to come
Look Sharp!