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10 Casual Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Look Sharp

4. Change it Up Down Below
Jeans are great, but they all look kinda the same, and they’re not your ONLY option for legwear. Add some variety to your wardrobe by investing in one or two pairs of chinos. The outfits below could be pulled off with jeans, but each outfit looks completely different when worn with chinos, which gives you a lot more variety. Adding just one pair to your wardrobe doubles the amount of outfits you can create. Add one more, and you triple that number.
I suggest one basic pair in camel or grey. And get one colored pair to change things up. (Wearing color below the waist is something few men do, so it stands out.) And you don’t have to go for fire-engine red or lime green. You can go for subdued colors like burgundy or army-green. See some examples below:
...more to come
Look Sharp!