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Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Style Uncle

The men of a certain age that dress much better than you do - watch and learn (Continued)

Stanley Tucci
Whether it’s his creepy Lovely Bones combover or his garish satin Hunger Games suits, the chameleonic actor might not seem like the most obvious style icon. Off-screen, however, it’s a different matter. Tucci is a master of classic tailoring, and he’s rarely seen without an immaculate blazer and his textbook horn-rimmed glasses.

He’s rarely seen in a T-shirt, and even when he is, it’s a smart one with a blazer over it. He gives off quite an Italian chic kind of vibe – he’s usually in a shirt, and he’ll often wear a white or beige blazer with navy chinos, or vice versa. You can just imagine him on a boat in Italy with a beverage in his hand.

To inject your own look with some of Tucci’s riviera influence, we recommend keeping it coordinated. His colour palette is very minimalist. If I was to open his wardrobe, I would expect to be able to just instantly pair everything together.

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