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Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Style Uncle

The men of a certain age that dress much better than you do - watch and learn (Continued)

Martin Freeman
No-one ever expects Martin Freeman. The everyman of The Office, who’s perfected his unassuming-bloke-taken-along-for-a-ride schtick in everything from The Hobbit to Black Panther, has been crafting a solid style foundation for years. He’s a subtle fashion guru, partial to some comfortable workwear when he’s off-duty, but his fashion credentials are more about his ability to downplay his dad rock sensibilities.

He’s got a little bit of mod style. That means crisp tailored separates, penny loafers and well-judged use of patterns, from checks to paisley. It’s bringing a dash of that mod mentality to his suitiing, which really makes Freeman stand out from the crowd. Sartorially he’s really solid in his choices, but he plays around with fabrics as well. He doesn’t just wear black and grey suits. You’ll see him in a houndstooth, or a check. It’s always something different.

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