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What To Wear To A Wedding Reception: The Rules, The Outfits

Wedding Reception Style Tips

Laid Back Tailoring
As you’re not going to have to endure the more formal ceremonies of the day itself, you often won’t be required to go all out and wear a dress shirt and tie in the evening. So, while you still might choose to wear a suit, you can opt for a more laid back top half – a knitted polo or grandad collar shirt, perhaps.

This will transform the suit, and instantly give it a more comfortable edge. It removes any ‘business’ connotations the suit might otherwise have – which is ideal if you’re not usually comfortable wearing one, or don’t want to look too stuffy.

An easy way to nail the dressed-down suit is to go tonal, that is, opt for a knit or shirt in a similar shade to that of the suit. It’s an unfussy way to wear tailoring, especially if you skip on the pocket square and go for dark brown or black shoes.

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