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What To Wear To A Wedding Reception: The Rules, The Outfits

Stylistically, weddings aren’t the straightforward, traditionally formal affairs they once were – when everyone wore their Sunday best and that was that. These days nuptials can be casual, overtly formal or even themed (shudder) – ranging from the unusual: ‘dress Hawaii’, to the ultra-specific: ‘wear pink stripes’.

Arguably even more confusing is figuring out what you’re supposed to wear to a wedding reception. If you’re only attending half the day, can you make half the effort? Of course not.

The only saving grace here is that because you’re avoiding all the pomp and ceremony, you can afford to have fun with your attire, as befits an upbeat, positive occasion. But, unless you’re also the entertainment, fun is not wacky. There needs a degree of sobriety in your outfit, even if it’s lacking from your behaviour by the end of the evening.

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