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Business-Casual Style Tips (Continued)

Slack Off (Or On)
The constituent parts of a smart-casual outfit (and the parts of those parts) are like the levels on a DJ’s mixing console. If some are turned right up, then the others should be dialed down to balance everything out – but not so far that they’re out of harmony.

For example, if you’re wearing a blazer, shirt and brogues – tailored trousers might tip the balance too far in the direction of smart. Whereas if you’re wearing a bomber, T-shirt and trainers – tailored trousers can prevent you looking too casual. Swapping the shirt with a T-shirt, or the brogues with trainers, will also adjust the levels.

In terms of separate tailored trousers, exercise caution with any material that’s too thin or shiny. Something beefier, more textured and less suit-like will lend itself more naturally to being worn with casual pieces and fabrics, such as denim.

In between trousers and jeans, there’s the smart-casual chino. A flat front and roll-ups skew more casual; pleats and creases, smarter. Tapering will prevent them looking too dad-like. And thanks to the athleisure revolution, you can now get trousers and chinos with a jogger-style drawstring waist, making them more casual, contemporary and comfortable. These look best with an untucked shirt, polo or T-shirt.

On the other side of the athleisure coin, you can get dressier joggers that are more like trousers with a tailored waistband and no cuff at the ankle. But unless your game is tight, and your office dress code lax, play it safe with some actual trousers.

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