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Perhaps the Best Smart Casual Dressing Guide You'll Ever Read (Continued)

Smart Casual Style Tips


Common Smart Casual Dos & Don’ts
Do: Cover Your Bases
If you wear shoes that aren’t trainers and trousers that aren’t jeans, you’ll sidestep most smart casual pitfalls. A blazer will make you practically bulletproof.

Don’t: Uncover Your Arms
Whether they’re attached to a shirt, polo or T-shirt, short sleeves are casual (actual shorts even more so). Check that it’s safe before unholstering the guns.

Do: Lose The Tie
Outside of work, smart casual almost never calls for wearing a tie. A shirt, polo, or roll neck will remove any ambiguity, or the impression that you forgot your neckwear.

Don’t: Forget The Tie
Disclaimer: if you’re not sure, and it’s a formal smart casual occasion, or a job interview at a casually dressed company, then you’ll never regret carrying a tie.

Do: Get Your Coat
Performing the same elevating effect, a neatly cut overcoat can even take the place of a blazer for informal smart casual events where you’ll take it off anyway.

Don’t: Stitch Yourself Up
For formal smart casual events, you might want to keep your blazer on, so wearing a removable overcoat over the top might be better than a knit underneath.

Do: Pattern Up Properly
With the exception of corporate pinstripes, patterns make pieces such as blazers and shirts look more casual, and you less like you came from the office.

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