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Perhaps the Best Smart Casual Dressing Guide You'll Ever Read (Continued)

Smart Casual Style Tips

Change Your Attitude
Smartness is more a matter of the appearance of your clothes rather than their style. Shoes polished, trousers pressed, and tie properly-tied are necessary factors in a smart appearance.
The operative words here aren’t ‘shoes’, ‘trousers’ or ‘tie’, but ‘polished’, ‘pressed’ and ‘properly’. A pristine T-shirt, indigo jeans and box-fresh trainers can look dressier than a wrinkled shirt, stained trousers and scuffed shoes. A T-shirt, jeans and trainers won’t always be appropriate, but smart casual is arguably more a mood or attitude than it is a set formula or combination of pieces. And, just because an event is informal, doesn't make it synonymous with us making no effort.

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Look Sharp!