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The Complete Guide To Men's Dress Codes

Avoid the awkwardness with our breakdown to what's appropriate, when (Continued)

Eveningwear/Evening Dress

Really this means black tie, but it’s also sometimes used (incorrectly) to refer to cocktail attire (see below). Unless it’s preceded by ‘full’, in which case it means white tie. Hit up your hosts to clarify.

Black Tie Optional

One of the most misleading codes. Your hosts are going to wear it, and want you to wear it too, but they’re politely giving you an out in case you can’t, or won’t, rent or buy. That doesn’t mean you should take it. Unless it’s really impossible, just wear black tie.

A normal suit with a long tie – AKA ‘Hollywood black tie’ – is more acceptable here. But it should be as close to a dinner suit in DNA as possible.

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Look Sharp!