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The Complete Guide To Men's Dress Codes

Avoid the awkwardness with our breakdown to what's appropriate, when

Dress codes are supposed to be helpful. They’re nominally intended to remove any ambiguity as to what to wear, but, more often than not, they can end up obfuscating rather than clarifying what’s expected.

Thankfully, The Mens Shoppe is on hand to break down the most commonly used – and abused. And we don’t just mean ‘broken’. As with sartorial standards generally, there has been a degree of slippage over the years, compounded by the fact that your host might not know exactly what it is they’re saying on that invite either. Which means there’s no harm in checking in with them to understand exactly what they’ve got in mind, and what leeway they’ll allow.

That might sound stupidly obvious. But you know what else is stupid? Dressing inappropriately. And again, while it might be self-evident, the strictness of these strictures is directly proportional to the gravity of the event. If you’re Pharrell at the Oscars, by all means reach for the tuxedo shorts. If you’re getting your Order of Canada? Not so much.

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