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The New Rules Of Men's Dress Codes

Old Dress Code: Menswear, First Floor; Womenswear, Ground Floor
Outside the confines of his own bedroom, the closest most guys would come to a rail of womenswear would be when he’s dragged into a shop to sit in the ‘man chair’ next to the shoe section.

New Dress Code: Borrow From The Girls
Gender fluidity is one of the biggest societal steps forward this decade, and its effect on fashion is telling. Shows are less likely to be segregated, trends – most recently embroidery, looser trousers, slides and round sunglasses – apply to all and high-street chains such as Zara are launching ‘ungendered’ collections.

Elsewhere there’s further blurring with the success of unisex labels such as Art School. "Dressing has become more fluid, says Arthur Yates, founder of shirt brand Bruta. “We wanted to create a brand that both men and women can enjoy. My girlfriend and I enjoy bands together, art together among other things, so we set out to create a brand that both sexes can be a part of.”

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