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The New Rules Of Men's Dress Codes

Old Dress Code: Day = Casual, Night = Formal
This dress code is often mindlessly applied to the world of dating, and the short version goes goes like this: wear crew necks in the day because they’re casual and collars at night because they’re classy.

New Dress Code: Contemporary-Casual, 24/7
These days, dressing down doesn’t have to be sloppy thanks to a rise in brands that excel in elevated basics.

Opt for wardrobe pieces that work well in combination and you can fall back on the look at any time of day or night – and for numerous occasions. This is about creating a capsule wardrobe. It’s important that any style can be worn with any other, to the extent that you could get dressed in the dark and still look good.

The concept stems from the runway, if you look at the latest menswear shows, the focus has been on fluid, untailored pieces that can be worn just as easily to brunch as they can to a premiere.

The basics? Tailored trousers, a plain crew neck T-shirt, loopback sweatshirt, minimalist sneakers and a smart-casual jacket like a bomber or car coat. Never fails.

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