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The New Rules Of Men's Dress Codes

Old Dress Code: If You’re Wearing Trainers, You’re Not Coming In
It wasn’t so long ago that this was true not just of the workplace, but for some god-awful nightclub on a Saturday, too. In which case you had to shoehorn (quite literally) the same pair of ugly, square-toed monstrosities into your weekend look.

New Dress Code: White Sneakers Work With Anything
Thanks in no small part to slick New York pacesetters Common Projects, the humble white sneaker has come a long way from its tennis court background. Its versatility knows no bounds and is easily paired with everything from a casual weekend wardrobe through to tailoring and everyday workwear. The white-out is reflective of a wider shift in trends.

We’ve seen a huge increase in men’s sneaker sales in the past few years. An expensive pair is the new way to express style. Our tip? Just make sure they look as fresh as the day you unboxed them.

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