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The Complete Guide To Men's Dress Codes
Avoid the awkwardness with our breakdown to what's appropriate, when (Continued)

Cocktail Attire
Sadly, this does not mean a loose fitting floral shirt inspired by the seminal Tom Cruise film. Instead, it means a suit, but with something of the night about it: sharply cut, slim fitting, dark in colour, maybe even a bit of a sheen to it.

You’ll also be wanting a shirt (white is safest and smartest, nodding to the traditional eveningwear codes of white and black tie), a tie and some polished black shoes – again, think sleek. A fine-gauge roll neck or ‘air tie’ could also fly.

The key thing here is that you don’t look as if you came straight from the office, even if you just took a deodorant shower and pulled a fresh shirt out of your bottom desk drawer like a latter-day Don Draper.

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Look Sharp!