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The New Rules Of Men's Dress Codes

Old Dress Code: Wedding Suits Should Be Plain (And Boring)
Same grey work suit as everyone else; check. Sturdy Derbies from 1983; check. Matching tie and pocket square; check, check.

New Dress Code: Weddings Are A Place To Express Yourself
The etiquette experts might disagree, but thinking beyond men’s traditionally limited wedding options is the perfect way to show your sartorial sensibilities.

We’re not suggesting upstaging the wedding party, but invitation permitting (black tie really does mean black tie) there is no harm in bringing a little colour or pattern to proceedings. “One man’s traditional is another man’s insane,” says Kieron Hurley, founder of London label Les Basics. “Having said that, most men have become more open to experimenting with colour, silhouettes and combining styles which previously wouldn’t have been worn together.”

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