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The New Rules Of Men's Dress Codes

The New Style Rules
Old Dress Code: “It’s A Smart Office”
Which means fifty shades of grey, navy and black suits, a white or blue shirt and formal footwear. The drone uniform.

New Dress Code: Tie, Optional
Although the adage, “Dress for the job you want rather than the job you’ve got” might still hold true, when the CEO is turning up open-necked with a pair of New Balance, it’s time to get on board and at least undo your top button.

Designers are asking what it means to be formal; what does it mean to be ‘dressed up’? A suit is no longer the only avenue to looking sharp. With the rise of the notoriously ‘dressed down’ tech industry, [workplace] dress codes have definitely relaxed for men. It’s no longer the norm to wear a suit to the office, jeans and T-shirts have replaced the suit and tie.

Even if you don’t want to go full Zuckerberg (and you’ll get a like from us if you don’t), there are now hundreds of ways to style a jacket and trousers at the office. Lose the tie and play with layers, separates and colours. You don’t have to clock in looking like a villain from The Matrix.

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