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Nine Layering Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe (And How To Use Them)

Get to grips with the pieces that are glue for the rest of your wardrobe

The Denim Jacket
It may be one of the oldest and most widely adored items of menswear, but it’s also one of the most criminally under-utilised as a layering piece. Sure, a denim jacket is pretty appealing in its intended form during the summer months, but why send it into storage for half of the year if you don’t have to?

Similar to a shacket, a trucker can effectively be repurposed as a mid-layer and is ideal for adding a hint of texture and colour to an otherwise staid look.

Try a light blue denim jacket beneath a camel coat. The colours work brilliantly together and keeping the top two buttons undone will stop the stiff denim becoming too restrictive.

The denim jacket isn’t just a weekend wonder either (though it does look great over a hoodie or check shirt), it can work for the office too. When worn beneath an unstructured blazer and over your usual shirt and tie, a light blue design with minimal detailing will take your smart-casual layering game to the next level.

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