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Nine Layering Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe (And How To Use Them)

Get to grips with the pieces that are glue for the rest of your wardrobe

The Vest/Gilet
The problem when something is sleeveless, padded and intended for country pursuits or sports, is that the odds are instantly stacked against it, irrespective of how handy it may be for layering. But despite all that, the vest has firmly infiltrated men’s autumn/winter wardrobes.

Fit and weight are crucial in bringing this piece into play – go too chunky, and you’re basically The Michelin Man, err too tight, and nothing will fit underneath. In a win for fashion and function, the best vests have got that midweight construction and aesthetics down, making them ideal for sliding underneath a suit jacket or as an easily removable top layer over a thick gauge sweater.

To make the vest look its best, you want your vest to contrast and add some flair to your look. So if everything else is cotton, think a tactile fabric like wool, or if you’re in flannel, then go for nylon.

Don’t be shy of bold colours either, as this can pay dividends for your layering prowess. You should choose a colour that complements your existing wardrobe. That doesn’t necessarily mean neutral or boring though; an orange or bright red vest can be a great way to add interest to an otherwise pared-back look.

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