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Nine Layering Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe (And How To Use Them)

Get to grips with the pieces that are glue for the rest of your wardrobe

The Unstructured Blazer
The only thing worse than a blazer that doesn’t fit is a blazer that does fit, but has been put under the strain of so many additional layers that it now resembles an overstuffed sausage skin.

So the unstructured blazer, with its lack of rigid structure, is much to be celebrated when it comes to piling on the extras. The fact that the trimmed-down interior leaves ample room for everything from a T-shirt and sweatshirt to a shirt and gilet is just spoiling us. Unstructured jackets are generally cut a little looser on the body and generally have a more casual look and feel.

Separates in navy, black or charcoal grey are always a solid shout, but mixing it up to maximize the appeal of a layered unstructured blazer. For a sophisticated appearance, coordinate with items of a similar colour.

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