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Nine Layering Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe (And How To Use Them)

Get to grips with the pieces that are glue for the rest of your wardrobe

The Shacket
The shacket: awful name, excellent layering piece. Part way between a shirt and a jacket, it’s a solid example of when refusing to take sides isn’t maddeningly annoying. It’s the opposite, in fact.

The jury is still out on the exact definition of a shacket (and what separates it from an overshirt), but in our book, the best iterations are made from materials heavier than an Oxford button-down to fend off the chill, but still retain the long-sleeved shirt’s slim cut. It’s essentially two items of clothing for the price of one (so we can buy twice as many, right?)

The shacket is also something of a silver bullet for unpredictable weather. A wool shacket, in particular, is warm enough to be worn on its own, yet slim enough to fit under a coat.

How you style yours all comes down to the weather. On milder days, try wearing it open over a crew neck T-shirt. Then, once we reach the thick of autumn, deploy it over a thinner shirt and T-shirt, or (if you’re a certified statement-maker) over a lightweight roll-neck sweater

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