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Shirt & Tie Combinations 
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What Tie To Wear With Checked Shirts
It might seem logical that combining a check shirt with a patterned tie would follow a similar set of rules to those of the striped shirt. But this isn’t the case. While a striped shirt can work with a bigger or smaller pattern, a check shirt always requires a tie with a larger pattern to avoid it becoming lost. The only exception to this rule is a windowpane check shirt, which offers greater flexibility due to the scale being so large and the pattern so subtle.

Gingham check shirts are the most traditional and dress code-friendly available. More often than not, this pattern features a white base with an overlaying colour. When picking a similar, contrasting or complementary shade tie, look to coordinate it with the check colour rather than the white base. For example, a navy tie looks great with a sky blue or pink gingham check shirt.

If opting for a larger tartan or plaid shirt, the key is to pick out one of the more subtle base tones in the shirt with a solid, block-colour tie. Just remember to keep the shade darker than the shirt itself.

Striped ties are a perfectly acceptable choice to combine with check shirts. Choose a tie with a large, bold stripe so that it can easily stand out against the pattern of the shirt. Polka dots and paisleys can also work well providing the same principle is followed.

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