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Shirt & Tie Combinations 
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What Tie To Wear With Striped Shirts
Introducing a pattern to the shirt is where things become interesting. The standard rules around colour, size and fabric choice still apply, but there’s the added consideration of making sure whichever tie is added harmonizes rather than fights with the shirt for attention.

The easiest way to avoid this is to wear a tie in a block colour. However, if you’re looking to branch out into pattern-mixing, there is one simple rule to follow: always vary the size of the patterns. Just as the tie should be darker than the shirt, the pattern should be larger or smaller than that on the shirt.

Stripes can work well with other stripes, so long as they aren’t the same size. For instance, a thin pencil stripe shirt is the perfect anchor for a larger club stripe tie. Another great tip is to vary the orientation of the stripes combined. For instance, a vertical striped shirt pairs best with a horizontal or diagonal striped tie as it offers a clear contrast between each piece.

For a move of higher sartorial difficulty, progress onto polka dots, paisley and geometric designs. All are fair game providing the basic principles are adhered to.

Whether opting for a solid or pattern, picking out the colour of the shirt’s stripe and matching it with one of the hues on the tie helps pull the entire look together and marks you out as a man that pays attention to detail.

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