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Shirt & Tie Combinations 
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Shirt & Tie Combinations: Colour Pairing Guidelines
When it comes to shirts and ties, it’s often easier to pair contrasting colours than it is complementary. For example, a mid-blue shirt and burgundy tie (red is a contrasting hue) worn under a navy, single-breasted type of suit is a look that every man can pull off.

When working with complementary colours, the key is to vary the shades, such as a light blue shirt with a darker, burnt orange tie. Of course, this will already be second-nature because a tie should always be darker than the shirt, without exception.

The easiest and safest option is to combine a simple tie with a white shirt – but where’s the fun in that? Experiment with colours and patterns, and you will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t, eventually creating some go-to shirt and tie combinations as needed.

Hey guys, you don't always get a chance to be creative with colours, in this case you do; have fun with it!

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