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Shirt & Tie Combinations
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Colour Wheel Basics - Science & Art
The concept of colour matching continues to stump even the most stylish of men. However, unless you want your work wardrobe to be very, very dull, you will at some point have to tackle the issue.
The tried-and-tested colour wheel offers a visual representation of every shade and, more importantly, the similar, complementary and contrasting colours of each.
Similar colours are next to each other. When colours are close to each other, it’s easy to pick one colour and add accessories in neighbouring colours.
Complementary colours are opposite each other. These colours are the hardest to pair together. Even though they ‘complement’ each other, wearing them full strength is often overkill.
Contrasting colours have three colours between them. The best way to combine these is to make sure one of the hues is in a darker tone so, such as navy and red.
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