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How To Dress For Your Height (Continued)

Advice to take you up or down a notch

Don't wear oversized suits, keep this in mind when you’re tempted to try and compensate for your small stature by buying clothes that are too large.

The armhole of your jacket should be high enough that there’s a gap between your torso and arms when they’re by your side, which is slimming and therefore elongating.

The rise of your trousers – the gap between the waistband and the top of your inseam – shouldn’t drop too low or your legs will just look stumpy. ‘Low-rise’ is not the same as ‘short-rise’: the former will scrape your hips, making your lower half, and therefore you, look disproportionately small; the latter will likely hit around your actual waist and be way more flattering.

If anything, your jacket could stand to be on the shorter side, as this will flash a little more leg, making you seem taller. And while slim is good, skinny fits will make you look like you’ve shrunk in the wash, along with your clothes.

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